BusinessCash is funding during the COVID-19 crisis.

Since 1998 Working Capital through Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Financing

Like you, since 1998, we have dealt with the everyday problems businesses face, including; extreme cash flow issues, rising expenses, and shrinking profit margins.

Working Capital. Cash Flow. Money. The lifeblood of any job fairs near me business which sells their products and services but must wait until the payment comes. We can give you the working capital you need to survive and grow through Invoice Factoring and PO Funding . There is never any application fees. We only charge if we successfully fund your business.

Ready now? Complete our secure online funding application.

If we can answer any questions that you might have, please call us at (888) 400-5930. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paragon Financial Group, Inc.

Why Factoring versus a Bank Line

  • Business Less than Two Years Old?
  • Losing Money?
  • High Client Concentration?
  • Based on YOUR Client’s Credit Worthiness
  • Balance Sheet Issues?
  • Personal Credit Issues?
  • Bank Line Too Small?
  • Hyper Growth?
  • Need a Defacto Credit Department (Credit Protection)?

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